Irkutsk Department of the Siberian Branch of the RAS

Academic Assembly of the Irkutsk Division of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Academic Assembly of the Irkutsk Division of the Siberian Branch RAS consists of RAS members who are members of the Siberian Branch RAS, RAS members participating in the Siberian Branch, RAS professors, as well as heads of scientific organizations and educational institutions of higher education located in the region and under the scientific and methodological guidance of the Siberian Branch RAS.

The Academic Assembly is made up, without election, of members of the joint SB RAS Academic Councils in the fields of science and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science in the region.

Representatives of scientific organizations under scientific and methodological supervision of the Siberian Branch RAS (as a rule, doctors of sciences) located on the territory of the region, elected by the scientific councils of scientific organizations on the quota of 1 member of the Assembly from 15 scientific workers take part in the Academic Assembly.

            Academic Assembly involves the following:

– discussing scientific problems as well as problems of oriented scientific research related to the economic development of the region;

– discussing and making recommendations on adjustments to the plans of scientific research carried out by scientific organisations and organisations of higher education in the region;

– discussing and elaborating proposals on programmes of development of scientific organisations and higher education organisations in the region, exercising current control over the plans and programmes execution;

– formulating proposals for creating new scientific organizations in the region and making recommendations to the Presidium of the Siberian Branch RAS

– electing the Director of Irkutsk Division of Siberian Branch of RAS;

– organising scientific, scientific-educational and scientific-practical events with participation of scientific and scientific-educational organisations;

– formulating proposals for the development of necessary social infrastructure in the region.

The Academic Assembly meets at least once a year. The date of the meeting shall be announced at least one month in advance.